We offer a wide range of services in the media industry. We lead the market with our unique structured system. Our expert and experienced teams share a common goal: to deliver the highest standard of service and representation for our clients.


Media Sales

We sell advertising space for our media partners. We make sure we deliver the best representation for them. With an unparalleled portfolio of media partners, Satış Ofisi brings extensive sales experience across the full advertising landscape such as TV, Digital, Radio and Events. Please check out our portfolio section for more information about our media partners.

Media Consulting

We offer consulting services to clients who seek deep-knowledge, comprehensive view and extensive experience in the media industry. Our services provide local industry analysis, custom consulting, strategy consulting, market research and forecasts that are designed to help investors who are dedicated to make the best decisions. We have completed many media projects with leading companies spanning all subsectors of the media industry, including television, radio, print, internet services and content providers. Our advice is sought worldwide.

Content Distribution

We hold the rights to a wide range of Turkish movies and local/international programming. Satış Ofisi distributes that content to premium television networks and only select local channels in Turkey. We are proud to remain an effective force in television industry, dedicated to growing the businesses of our clients and contributing to make the industry and the world a more fun and fulfilling place.